The Holy Spirit E-Book

The Holy Spirit has been with me since the day that I was born, I just didn’t realise it.

Through many challenging years, and having passed through many life-changing hurdles, I can understand now, with rear view vision, that the Holy Spirit has been leading me, for many years past, towards the love of our dearest Father God.

And His great and unconditional love has given me a whole lease of a new life. A second chance!

I have discovered that there is nothing - absolutely nothing - that cannot be accomplished by praying to our Father God. This book is a testimony to my faith and the complete trust I have that He will listen to my prayers - and answer them.

And I hope and pray that my words will fall on fertile ground and that you will - after reading my book - also allow the Holy Spirit into your life.

Within its 185 pages - and 51,000+ words - I have tried to share with you how much your life can - and will - change when you become empowered by the Holy Spirit.

My Holy Spirit book includes:-

Chapter 1       Pentecost                                               
Chapter 2       Sailing with The Holy Spirit                        
Chapter 3       Healing through the Holy Spirit                  
Chapter 4       The Bread of Life                                     
Chapter 5       Why is God’s Plan for Man not being Realized?
Chapter 6       Today is a Beautiful Day                           
Chapter 7       Names of the Holy Spirit                           
Chapter 8       The Symbols of the Holy Spirit                         
Chapter 9       The Dwelling Places of the Holy Spirit         
Chapter 10     Hymns                                                   
Chapter 11     Who is the Holy Spirit?                             
Chapter 12     The Holy Spirit is a Person                         
Chapter 13     What Does Th
e Holy Spirit Mean To You?                          
Chapter 14     Listening to the Holy Spirit                        
Chapter 15     The Holy Spirit in a Loving Relationship       
Chapter 16     The Holy Spirit is in your Heart Today         
Chapter 17     The Holy Spirit at Work in Your Life                   
Chapter 18     The Works of the Holy Spirit                      
Chapter 19     The Holy Spirit at Pentecost – word search  
Chapter 20     Jesus and the Holy Spirit                                 
Chapter 21     Jesus, Please Come into my Life                 
Chapter 22     The Gift of Prophecy                                       
Chapter 23     The Gifts of the Holy Spirit                        
Chapter 24     Spiritual Gifts                                          
Chapter 25     The Holy Spirit in John the Baptist              
Chapter 26     The Spirit of God                                     
Chapter 27     The Evangelist                                         
Chapter 28     Trusting the Holy Spirit                             
Chapter 29     There is no Christianity without the Holy Spirit
Chapter 30     Holy Spirit Pot-Pourri                                
Chapter 31     The Deck of Cards                                    
Chapter 32     God’s Favour                                           
Chapter 33     The Cunning Satan                                   
Chapter 34     Praying                                                   
Chapter 35     Priscilla and Aquila                                   
Chapter 36     Praying to the Holy Spirit                                 
Chapter 37     Trinity Sunday                                         
Chapter 38     The Dream of Louise                               
Chapter 39     My Walk With God                                   
Chapter 40     The Pope and the Holy Spirit                     
Chapter 41     Open Doors                                            

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May our Father God bless you mightily in everything you say and in everything you do

Geoffrey Keyte
South Wales